Hot Bits Performance Parts and Accessories incorporating Active Suspension

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Apart from our DT2 and DT1 series
coilovers, Hot Bits manufactures a
range of direct-fit products that are
designed to significantly improve
handling over the stock set-up.

Our coil springs and sports mono-tube
shock absorbers are direct
replacements for stock units and offer
vastly improved handling and lowered
ride height with very little compromise
of ride quality.

Our high-pressure gas mono-tube
shocks are fully serviceable and can be
retuned by our distributor partners if
necessary. These are backed by a
1-year warranty. Our coil springs are
manufactured using CNC cold-wound
chrome silicon spring steel and are
guaranteed for 10 years.

For those wishing to move a level up in
performance, Hot Bits coilover height
adjustable mono-tube shocks are
available for a wide range of vehicles.
These may be ordered with or without
our external fixed canister.

Ride height is easily adjustable via a
pair of thread collars. Damping rates
can be customised at the factory or by
our distributors but user adjustment is
not possible. For products with user
adjustable damping, please refer to our
DT series.

We now also offer adjustable top pivot
mounts with motosport-type camber

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